A Muppet Wicker Man - poster and screen print

Earlier this year my friend Paul O'Connell ran a Kickstarter campaign to fund a lavish best of 'The Sound of Drowning', his long running comic anthology.

We cooked up this limited edition screen print as one of the rewards, inspired by his strip 'A Muppet Wicker Man', which has become something of an internet darling over the years. You know when a brilliant, under-the-radar cult band suddenly have an unexpected hit single? That sort of thing.

The original greyscale version (below, left) was what happened when I got lost in Corel Painter's gorgeous splattery airbrush set. All very well and good, but not exactly ideal for a screen print template, for which you have to eliminate all the grey areas and reduce everything to pure black and white.

So I set about some serious contrast adjustment, and ended up with the much more 'Sound of Drowning'y version on the right. It feels like it's tipping the hat to the cut and paste, high contrast style of much of Paul's work.

And off it went for printing, courtesy of illustrator/screen printer extraordinaire Rhys Wootton, seen here in action.